The Men’s Ministry Solution!

Two programs exist that result in either a certification or a “commissioning.” The first will allow the men to wade in before they jump in. The second will allow men to aspire and commit to the long range plan of completing an entire course of study. You may find it easiest to start with the first and then announce plans to continue into the second method.


Complete the entire MAJORING IN MEN® Core Curriculum:
· Maximized Manhood
· Communication, Sex and Money
· Strong Men in Tough Times
· Courage

Pastors participate with men’s leaders to confer certificates of completion to each man as he completes each book. Men “graduate” to the next book in front of the entire congregation.

When all four books are complete—usually after approximately one year of study—a special meeting or dedicated church service is held to give each man a final “MAXTRAK” or “Manhood 101” certificate.


Complete the entire MAJORING IN MEN® Curriculum Core and any five of the MAJORING IN MEN® Curriculum Elective books with the corresponding workbooks.

MAJORING IN MEN® Elective Curriculum:
· Sexual Integrity
· Real Man
· Treasure
· Winners Are Not Those Who Never Fail but Those Who Never Quit
· The Power of Potential
· The Unique Woman
[Absolute Answers and Irresistible Husband—Dr. Cole’s final two books—will have curriculum available soon.]

For a man to receive a full “commission,” he must demonstrate that he is an active member and tither of a local church and that he participates in outreach ministry. His Application to Receive a Commission is reviewed by the leadership of that men’s group or the church.

Commissioning ceremonies are the “line in the sand” that sets a man apart from mediocrity and starts him on a challenging ministry journey.

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